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Cutout knife series

Echizen Brand products consortium


Echizen Brand products consortium "iiza"

Iiza, means good seats (gathering), and is a local industry consortium building project. In the project, high-quality materials are produced with new techniques, production inherits authentic historical techniques, and distribution looks to the world’s markets in order to share Echizen’s traditional techniques and local resources with the world. This project recommends Echizen Uchihamono as the best tool for long-term use by reconciling reliable techniques and the quality of traditional Echizen Uchihamono and design combined with practicality and beauty suited for modern life.

Cutout knife series

Set of eight cutout knives stored in the paulownia case. Knives with different shapes have different names and roles—cut, mow, strip, divide, carve, and whittle. Each made with the utmost care by Echizen Uchihamono artisans with the names as a certificate. The winding on the handle is an original Japanese knot, enhancing the beauty and grip. Echizen Uchihamono has a reputation as a traditional industry and was renowned nationwide among forestry workers. Especially, its own culture called Echizen Gama has been created. The good edge is still highly valued. We want to convey the beauty-of-use tools used by artisans for manufacturing.

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    “Carve” and “Whittle”

    Marugiri: Suitable for leaving a rounded cut edge when opening a hole.
    Kengiri: Suitable for leaving a thin line or deep sharp cut edge.
    Kakugiri: Suitable as a tool to carve a right angle when carving a woodblock to make a dish.

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    Marugiri / Kengiri / Kakugiri


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    “Crop” and “Cut”

    Tegama: Used to pull and cut like mowing vegetation using a sickle.
       Suitable to cut a stick from the base or thick wood piece to cut a string outdoors or make a woodwork.

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    “Cut”, “Whittle”, “Break”, and “Strip”

    Hosokiridashi: Suitable for whittling narrowly.
    Marukezuri: Suitable for cut a relatively soft wood like stripping.
    Takewari: Convenient to divide bamboo vertically to make bamboo strips.
    Kiridashi: Suitable for whittling hard wood and scabble for woodworking.
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    Hosokiridashi / Marukezuri / Takewari / Kiridashi


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    Grip with knot

    The winding on the handle is an original knot made of Edo Uchihimo woven from both sides with a raised center to enhance the beauty and grip.

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    Certificate of traditional artisans

    The knives have been carefully made by traditional artisans under the supervision and lead of Mr. Okada, one of the few traditional artisans of Echizen Gama. Each product is inscribed with each craftsperson. The logo of iiza is inscribed on the back.